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The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai offers two unique Master’s programs to help shape tomorrow’s leaders in health care: the Master of Health Administration, for those aspiring professionals early on in their career, and the executive-format Master of Science in Health Care Leadership, for more seasoned professionals with 5+ years experience. Both of these programs will help you master effective leadership and management skills to adapt to the rapidly evolving health care landscape.

As a graduate, you will become part of the top-ranked Icahn School of Medicine’s 26,000-strong alumni network of leading health care professionals, as well as establish professional connections to and support from Mount Sinai Health System career recruiters and talent development network.

If you’re eager to begin creating positive change in health care, explore our Master of Health Administration program here. >

If you have 5+ years of leadership experience, learn more about our Executive Leadership program below.

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You’ll receive extensive leadership development training in addition to learning new frameworks in operations management, strategic planning and communications, data and technology applications, clinical innovations, and finance.

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The issues faced by health care administrators today are constantly shifting. To make positive change, you’ll master team-based management skills and have the option of earning additional certifications in Lean Management, Project Management and Microsoft Office 365.

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Unlike other programs that focus primarily on theory, our programs are offered at the frontlines of health care delivery innovation. You’ll learn from a combination of seminars, online classes, and applied projects led by industry experts.

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Join the ranks of leading health care professionals around the world. Advance your professional journey at the nationally top-ranked 
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

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